Who we are?

Womaves — is the online magazine for modern women and their friends.

We are freedom-loving and inquisitive, we believe that serious things can be exciting and sweet nonsense worthy of attention, because a big picture is made up of small details.

We are convinced that there are no special women’s topics, and we invite everyone who has an interest in life to our club.

We treat fashion, beauty, art, politics, sex, health, rights and entertainment with equal respect and attention.

We do not avoid talking about the complex, we are not afraid of abstractions, we try to deal with prejudices, stereotypes and dangerous misconceptions.

We believe that you can be different and make informed choices while respecting the choices of others.

We value independence and thorough expertise. We do not prohibit, but advise. We follow trends, but do not become their hostages. We do not make enemies, but make friends.

We live in a big world that sometimes makes mistakes, but seeks to correct them. We are looking for a language to talk about that which was not there yesterday.

We know what we want.

It seems we feel that it bothers you, because you are us.


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