Ways to help your psyche in winter

December is a difficult time.On the one hand, almost everyone admits that they are tired, there is no strength, around is chaos and urgent New Year’s affairs, which are impossible, but necessary. Some are lucky in December, they feel full of energy and at the peak of efficiency — however, such advanced workers are still in the minority.

In December, more than ever, people ask themselves “Where can I get strength?” And “How to make myself rejoice?” However, it is impossible to force oneself, and tortured joy only depletes the psyche.

December is a month of deprivation: we are deprived of the sunlight and fresh air that we are physically needed. The body is yearning, wrinkling, and after it the nervous system. Often we react to December in the same way as to a disease or wound: anxiety, irritation and fatigue, sometimes pain.

Now we figure out what will help you not to lose your remaining strength in winter.

Do not believe your own fear

Believe fatigue, it does not deceive you. But carefully double-check what worries you in a specific period. When we are squeezed like a lemon, it seems that the world around is in disaster: things fall apart, relationships fall apart, children behave badly, someone gets sick with serious illnesses on social networks, tragedies happen — in general, a catastrophe disaster.

In fact, the psyche selectively pulls from the outside world what confirms our internal state — and especially stories that relate to death and loss.

We experience this season of the year precisely as a frightening loss: nature dies and freezes, summer has left us, it’s insultingly short, and the body is scared if it will survive a long winter. In previous centuries, you know, one could not hold out until spring.

Do not force yourself to do more

No need to run forward, urging yourself and screaming from tension — this is the fastest way to nervous exhaustion. When we imitate enthusiasm, we borrow these forces from February, March and April. Instead, now it’s better to reduce the speed by a month and a half — that’s why nature planned them.

Let’s use December to say goodbye to all unfulfilled. By the end of the year, everyone accumulates a lot of what was planned (because we are optimistic), but was not done (because reality has its own laws).

It’s time to bitterly admit that so far nothing has come of it, that in something we have overestimated our strengths. It’s time to free up space in the head from these unfulfilled plans, close these windows so that the psyche does not hang on them.

Do not force yourself to do more than you can

Usually someone justly object to me that it’s impossible to turn off work for a month, a carousel of household chores and meetings. Okay, we don’t turn off — but we listen to ourselves and try to determine the hours when we are active and our head is thinking. They are always there, even in the darkest autumn-winter time. Moreover, it is usually the same watch every day.

Most often, the psyche has two bursts of activity: a couple of hours in the morning and another one and a half to two hours around 16:00 — 18:00. It’s worth trying to plan all the important things for these time periods, serious pieces of work and meetings where you need to be at your best — and the rest of the time, live at the minimum speed.

If you suddenly managed to do something at other hours, we praise ourselves with all our might. And the time after 18:00 just write off to the scrap, we give it to December for tear.

Feel free to stupid whole nights and perform only routine procedures that do not require the inclusion of a head. Remember, this is only for a couple of months — by February, the psyche will reward us for being able to hold the pause.

Be careful with social networks

They, like any networks, drag a lot of mud: strange troubling stories, complaints, indignation, strong emotions, which in December may not be affordable. Few have an iron will and are able to not go to social networks for a month.

But you can try to avoid them at least in the morning (remember, in winter this is one of the few effective hours) and in the evening (when the psyche is already so vulnerable that any nonsense can cause an explosion of anxiety and despair).

Do not compare yourself with others

Social networks, and especially Instagram, is an endless machine gun belt of other people’s victories: someone won a grant, baked a cake, someone’s children shine in sports and on stage. Someone post photos from the gym, someone has pictures of the sea.

«And we have nothing, but we have nothing!» — adds our inner voice bitterly over and over again. They didn’t win, they didn’t reach the gym, they didn’t even bake cookies.

Any comparisons now only devour the last drops of strength and paralyze. Remember, for fulfillment you need strength — and for them to appear, you need respite. We need pauses, especially in winter.

Look for a nice tactile feel

Connect all sorts of tactilely nice things. Everything that is pleasant to touch: doggie, cat, soft plaid, plush surface of the chair, pillow. Children, after all, are also fit.

Hug those you want to hug. Look for what you like to stroke and touch: rough, smooth, velvety. You can buy fluffy socks or gloves and sleep in them.

Sometimes you should wrap yourself in a blanket and lie down, sticking out only your nose and looking at the ceiling. Touching soft, smelling tasty — such things surprisingly calm the psyche.

Remember the good

Try to draw strength in good memories. Each of us can remember the truly bright periods of life: when we did something, we were full of energy, inspired. For some, this is childhood, but not necessary.

Try to remember what surrounded you at that time: what songs did you like then, what films did you watch, what clothes did you wear, from which cup did you drink tea (or coffee, or what did you drink there then). What books were read, what poster then hung on the wall above the bed, which then seemed tasty to you.

Now try to turn on music from that period or find similar clothes and go around at home. Pull out the same cup or buy a similar one. Re-read one of those books. And you will be surprised at the surge of strength — in our memoirs a huge resource has been sewn from good periods.


Your body is surely tormented by sedentary work and cold, and it will be grateful. It’s not about signing up for the gym, especially if you haven’t been there all year. You will not believe it, but even five minutes of the simplest charge in the morning and five in the evening work.

At the same time, the warm-up should not pursue the goal of properly loading yourself — only not in December. Her only task is to make us want to do it again tomorrow. If you get tired today, you won’t want to tomorrow, and the psyche will find a hundred reasons to get out.

So it’s better to take the simplest and most enjoyable set of exercises, no more tiring than brushing your teeth or washing your face — but every day.

Check your neck, shoulders and back of your neck for even more stress. Tense — relax, it’s like a signal to the whole body: «Everything is OK, we are safe.» It is better to give such signals several times a day.

Drop the excess

Our task in December as a good sculptor is: not to stick on top of the excess, but to remove everything unnecessary. For example, do not enter the race for New Year’s gifts and matinees.

Surprisingly, it is a fact: even if we do not prepare a single gift, the New Year will happen anyway, friends and relatives will not turn away from us with curses and the Christmas tree will light up.

You can afford the luxury of transferring one, another, third – everything that is not related to health, as practice shows, is calmly waiting for January. And December is the time when only pleasant things and nice people are allowed to be received. And even then in moderate doses.

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