Life hack: How to properly seize stress

Life hack: How to properly seize stress

We are looking for simple and not very ways to improve life and explain why they work.

Today we figure out how to cope with stress with proper nutrition and not drown in the mountains of sweets, fast food and french fries.

We change our diet due to stress. This conclusion was made by the researchers of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation: more than a third of the survey participants confirmed that they are switching to junk food in a stressed state.

This is not surprising – we know that nutrition affects our emotional state. Consequently, there are foods that can help resist stress.

Harvard University professor of pediatrics and nutrition, David Ludwig, is convinced that “the chemical processes in our bodies affect how much we are stressed.”

This is evidenced by the results of a study published in the journal Pediatrics several years ago. Teens were offered different breakfasts: protein-rich eggs, oats with a high fiber content and very sweet cereal.

In the latter case, blood sugar levels soared, but then fell sharply after a few hours.

“In a state of stress, we eat what brings us to our comfort zone, but this food in the long run seriously affects the production of hormones and blood sugar, which increases sensitivity to new stresses,” Ludwig explains.

That is precisely why nutritionists recommend controlling their momentary impulses and leaning on very specific foods during stress.

So, Joe Hibbeln of the National Institute is studying the relationship between mood and omega-3 acids. According to studies, they make the nervous system more resistant to stress and help protect neurons from damage.

Omega-3 is found not only in ordinary fish, but also in canned tuna or sardines, as well as in chia seeds and flax. Omega-3 is not the only thing that supports emotional stability.

Drew Ramsey, a psychiatrist at Columbia University and author of The Happiness Diet, talks about the perfect breakfast for stressful conditions – an omelet with cabbage and pumpkin seeds.

So you cover several levels of nutrients at once – from vitamin A to zinc, which strengthens the immune system.

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