How not to turn work from home to hell

How not to turn work from home to hell

Working from home is now not the advantage of freelancers, but a necessary measure for many who used to go to the office every day.

Social networks practice wit, and the media and numerous experts vyingly advise how to work from home and not break down – because of boredom, noisy relatives or the sound of a neighboring puncher.

We gathered the best tips that we managed to check in our own experience in a week: our editorial board went into voluntary self-isolation and urges everyone who has the opportunity to limit social contacts.

Prepare your clothes

The temptation to sit at a computer in a warm pajamas, from which you can not get out all day, is great. Or in ordinary home clothes, wrapped in a plaid.

All this sounds tempting, but in fact, your favorite T-shirt with Mickey Mouse and old pants do little to help productive work.

The University of Northwestern examined how our clothing affects work – and came to the conclusion that people work more efficiently when they are wearing something with a “symbolic meaning.”

Roughly speaking, you should not sit at the kitchen table in strict office attire – however, the home uniform for remote work is also not suitable.

Do not work in bed or on the couch

Another quarantine guilty pleasure is to work sitting on the couch or lounging in bed (maybe not even getting out of it after waking up).

But this is not safe, because even the most comfortable ones can cause back pain. The advice here is simple: build a work area so that it resembles an office as much as possible. It is clear that not everyone has a separate office or even a table – therefore even the one you dine at will fit (just do not do both at the same time).

It is important that the workplace is at least comfortable, and as a maximum – does not harm health. It will be even better if you can sit next to the window: the right light is the key not only to efficiency, but also to good vision.

In addition, we associate a sofa or bed with relaxation, which also does not add to the working mood.

Don’t forget to move

Another danger of working from home is to move less than usual, and after all, sometimes in the office we forget about the simplest physical activity.

Sitting long means risking your life, and this is not just a terrible figure of speech: a 2017 study showed that a sedentary lifestyle is one of the risk factors for early death.

But if in the office you can walk with a colleague for coffee or go for lunch, then at home – and especially in quarantine – there is no such possibility.

What to do? Try simple gymnastics, which does not have to be routine or boring at all. At least, you can turn on your favorite song and just dance.

Whatever you choose, remember that you need to get up and move at least once every half an hour – and in order not to forget, put a reminder on your phone or smart watch.

Make a to-do list for the day, but don’t forget to relax

Working from home, we pay little attention to time. Those who are disciplined by a methodical visit to the office, this mode can relax and disorient: it is easy to get distracted when you work in an unusual environment.

Those who do not need the magic kick, can great recycle.

We advise you to make a to-do list for the day and – as much as possible at home – not be distracted. Actually, this recommendation will work fine in the office, but now it is more relevant than ever.

And do not forget about the breaks: the fact that you work from home does not mean that you do not need to relax during the working day.

Chat with colleagues

Self-isolation is not a reason to stop communicating with colleagues (unless, of course, you like this communication). Surely, you already have a working chat (and most likely a few), where the discussion of working issues continues.

You can do one more – for memes, an innocent flood and pictures with cats, which will replace direct communication in the office.

After working together with colleagues, you can visit the online bar – if at the end of the day you still have eyes after overvoltage.

Think about what you can learn while working at home

Forced work from home is a good opportunity to learn something for which you did not have enough time before.

Quarantine saves a lot of time on the way to the office: many people spend on it from half an hour to an hour one way. This means that about two hours of free time are freed up per day, which is definitely worth spending on yourself.

An interesting book to which the hands never reached? Online courses you don’t have to pay for now? Have you forgotten Spanish, which you studied so hard for so long? You decide.

If you don’t have the strength for new knowledge, we advise you to just relax a little more: a foamy bath and a delicious aroma candle will help at least temporarily distract from the sad news.

However, you can learn about quarantine right during work: the ability to be in touch and solve tasks even from where is a very valuable skill that not all office employees have yet.

Keep track of mental health

It is important to understand that the coronavirus pandemic affects not only the physical health of those who have become infected, but also the mental health of almost all people who are quarantined because of it.

Anxiety does not help at all in work – especially for those who are already experiencing panic attacks or obsessive-compulsive disorder.

To cope with anxiety, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States offers a few simple measures: limit reading news about the pandemic, less often go to social networks and look only for information that will help you in practice.

In addition, meditation, healthy food, communication with loved ones and more relaxation help – these tips will be useful even when the pandemic is over.

Do not forget about others

After quarantine was introduced in China, according to some reports, the number of divorces increased sharply: married couples do not withstand each other’s every minute society.

Perhaps you have encountered this problem, and it should be resolved. You can get annoyed at a partner because of a negative news background or you can because of deep contradictions that became apparent thanks to quarantine.

And if the first problem is solved, then the second will have to be rummaged: it is possible to do without the help of a specialist. Each of us experiences negative things differently, but what everyone needs now is a little more attention and support.

Work from home is a privilege that millions of other people are deprived of for objective reasons. This is especially true for health workers and some service workers, who now have the hardest time.

For example, we recommend leaving tips for courier if, for example, you order food at home.

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  1. I started to fall into the sweatpants and no make up mode, but after a few days went back to getting dressed etc. I was surprised how much better I felt. It hadn’t yet occurred to me to try working from bed . . . . Nah, what if I spilled my coke.

  2. It’s tempting to stay in pajamas or sweatpants all day. Showering, getting dressed, putting on a little make-up can help you psych yourself into “office” mode.

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