From scratch: 7 fragrances dedicated to renewal

We hope you have already broken or forgotten all your New Year’s promises, but if not, we also sincerely support you and wish to really start a new life.

And we will show you seven fragrances that cause associations with the renewal.

Fresh Life


Fresh – american perfumery that is not very expensive, good, but in some places very good perfumes in bottles reminiscent of sake bottles (the brand has the corresponding aroma, the best in the line).

The plot of the fragrance is this: you woke up at dawn, fog outside the window, a lake near the house – because the weekend is somewhere in the wilderness, in nature – it’s still cold, but you crave movement and still go swimming.

Synopsis Fresh Life contains a dozen classic New Year’s promises that have been fulfilled, and smells in the early morning of a happy person surrounded by beauty: magnolias, clear water, green grass and mosses.



In nature, freesia is a fragrant African flower, sometimes called the “Cape lily of the valley” (although today it is mainly grown in the Netherlands).

In perfumery, there is a universal abstract floral filling without characteristic odorants, something that people like to indicate in the list of notes if there is nothing more to put in it.

Schematically, the smell of freesia can be made by a couple of three fragrant substances that are already in any composition, that is, it turns out that speculative freesia is like everywhere.

A good example is the Fresia of an old Florentine Santa Maria Novella manufactory: don’t you write, the marketer thinks, that the cologne smells like cream Camay tiles?

In fact, there is nothing shameful about this: its classic floral-musky, tender, enveloping fragrance is very good and evokes exceptionally pleasant memories for many people – about childhood, when the world seemed so clean, new and full of treasures.

White Linen


There are perfume brands that, consciously or unintentionally, as a side effect, have spent years scented inventories of reality.

The first, for example, is Demeter, who has appointed himself responsible for the inventory of all the smells of the world: the portfolio has already exceeded three hundred colognes with the smells of rain, mold, pizza, zombies, New Zealand beaches and other things, ordinary and exotic.

The second is the large, and maybe the great Estée Lauder brand, which until a certain time felt the historical moment so well that it released real milestones: you can still study the evolution of the American dream and the American character in general.

In addition to its obvious beauty – in the end, the composition of 1978 was collected by the ingenious perfumer Sofia Groysman – White Linen is notable for its excellent fit into the gallery of timeless American values ​​with their apparent accessibility.

It’s right there, somewhere between white tennis shorts, spread out postcards by Edward Hopper and sea sunsets in the Hamptons, which spectacularly golden all but local “old money” – especially.

Most likely, White Linen was created primarily for rich women, those whose linen dresses never crumple, and silver does not grow cloudy, but in the end became the best seller of a whole generation.

The reason is clear: aldehyde-floral, dense and crunchy, like a fresh shirt, a new banknote or a rose petal “American Beauty”, White Linen smells of a brilliant future and a million possibilities.

Musk Eau de Parfum


Musk is a re-release of the 2004 fragrance of the same name in higher concentration, which always means a new assembly: indeed, the Musk of 2018 is bitter, greener, and more angular than its predecessor fifteen years ago.

The picture that comes to mind when you inhale this clean, bitter, forest-torn bouquet of herbs is a white T-shirt with green spots of moss and sedge: it’s good to lie on the surface, which is not the table of a chiropractor and not a yoga mat, but also smells of rain and in the spring and does not require anything from you.

Extremely far from Etro’s languid oriental heritage, but very good.

Eau Simple de Concombre


Phaedon is one of the lines of perfumer Pierre Guillaume, the main multi-puncher of today’s niche and a great lover of T-shirts with a serious neckline.

She is a little less by ear than, say, Pierre Guillaume Paris (formerly Parfumerie Generale) and the aquatic La Croisière, but at the same time very pretty and well predictable, which is more likely for modern perfumery: Rue de Lilas (Lilac Street) as the name tells it, it smells lilac and a little rain, Lentisque (“Mastic tree”) – on the Mediterranean coast, where the mastic pistachio grows, Tabac Rouge (“Red Tobacco”) – a strong Egyptian hookah.

“Simple cucumber water” really smells like a strong, crunchy cucumber, crushed mint and lemon, that is, the classic set for refreshing water that is usually offered to visitors to spas.

Suppose that not everyone spent the holidays in detox retreats, balneological clinics and other beautiful places – but with “Water” on your wrists it seems that you ran somewhere nearby.

Paris Santorin


Almost everyone loves perfume figs, but the problem with it is that back in the mid-1990s, two perfect aromas on this subject came out, Premier Figuer, L’Artisan Parfumeur (actually, the first fig fragrance in history), and Philosykos, Diptyque, both are the authorship of perfumer Olivia Jacobetti.

Accordingly, for more than twenty years it has been customary to believe that nothing new can be presented to the genre. On the one hand, those figs are really very good, on the other hand, the offer in the field of perfumery has increased tenfold and many beautiful things are drowning in its mudflows: tobacco-salty figs Dirty Velvet of the Swedish brand Vilhelm Parfumerie, Womanity Americans Mugler, Armani Privé Figuier Eden, Giorgio Armani.

Do You Remember Them?

Santorini from the Carven exclusive collection can also be overwhelmed by a wave of new releases: a new fragrance hit the store shelves during the holidays when we only sniffed our pillow, and yet it’s a beautiful fig – ripe fig with a glass of almond milk in which a spoon of honey is placed , the smell of next summer.

Sacred Water


One would think that The Harmonist perfumers put their hands on their elbows in zira, barberry and dried rose petals, but nothing of the sort: with the current geotag of the hostess, Los Angeles, the brand has much more in common than with its historical homeland.

Sacred Water, for example, smells of salty air on the coast, California rubber bike lanes, cocktail bitters and other signs of life that you want to fly away for at least a couple of weeks.

7 thoughts on “From scratch: 7 fragrances dedicated to renewal

      1. I used to use white linen all the time when I lived in Athens also Rive Gauche. Loved those notes, will check out the figgy one am very keen on that smell. Ironically Body Shop sold a very cheap Fuji Green Tea which is now discontinued here but was in the same theme!

        1. Oh, this is the perfect choice! Figgy aromas are often quite playful and enchanting, I hope these fragrant notes will appeal to you.
          It is always so pleasant to please yourself with something new and to discover the unknown sides of yourself.

          1. Have you tried the aroma of peony? L’Occitane has one excellent and very natural, I love it so much!

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