Charity Project “Womaves World”

Today we see how the influence of ordinary people is growing, who come together to express their opinions in various spheres of life.

These are people who alone may not have significant weight or material resources, but when combined, they can repeatedly strengthen their influence on the situation and often change it to their advantage.

The age of collective initiative and participation has come. People do everything so that their voice is heard.

Our Womaves team decided to periodically cover the stories of those who need help and draw people’s attention to them.

We have chosen the first story, but if you want to offer someone for this section, please write to us here.

And we will gradually share stories with everyone.

Today we will talk about baby Hanna.

We have already made our feasible financial contribution to her treatment and we hope that you will join us.

“Hanna was born on time, but since birth we have been fighting for her life. So happened that she can’t live a full life because of multiple malformations. Perinatal CNS damage, neurosensory hearing loss, heart disease and spastic tetraparesis.

She can’t swallow on her own and get food through a probe that stands in her nose. We have to change the probe often, and it brings Hanna a lot of pain. We don’t hope to cover all medical expenses with someone else’s help, but at least part of them would help us significantly.”

Let’s bring some magic to this world and save Hanna’s life together.
Anyway thank you for your support!

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