Bustier tops: 8 models from simple to luxurious

Tops have long been firmly settled on the catwalks and not only.

Perhaps it’s really not worthwhile to put underwear in such a sacred status – in the end, many of us go in swimsuit top outside the beach, shortened tops and body wears not only for sports.

We tell how to combine such bustier tops, for example, these universal and smart models.


This bralette liked us for two good reasons: because of the dusty blue color and wide elastic band (thanks to it, putting on and taking off the bodice should be easier).

Pay attention to the models of delicate shades – they are easier to combine with oversized cardigans and voluminous jackets of any color. And with white t-shirts they will look especially fresh.



You should not make hasty conclusions: such a bra, of course, will fit perfectly into the fatal image, but in more relaxed outfits it is also easy to imagine it.

It will especially look spectacular with strict cotton or leather shirts, as well as an independent item paired with costume trousers.

An undoubted plus of this model in knitted material – such a sconce should sit exactly in shape.


Fleur Du Mal

In the fashion weeks that are now taking place in Europe, there is a tendency for theatrical things, as if taken from the distant past. This bustier top fits perfectly into it.

With this, you can make a neo-romantic outfit by wearing it, for example, with a long near-sport cloak skirt and lace-up ankle boots. But no one cancels a simple combination with jeans.


Marks & Spencer

A luxurious bralette for every day can be found, of course, in the linen department.

Do not be afraid of lace, or an elaborate print, or translucent inserts – on the contrary, it is in contrasts with other things that designers are trying to play.

For example, combining such bralet tops with strict cardigans or white shirts.



Do not forget about sports bra: they are more versatile than others, and in addition, they will not have to doubt sufficient breast support.

Such models strongly fit the figure and wearing them on top of other clothes is unlikely to succeed. But the goose-foot print opens up spaces for combinations – for example, with tweed jackets and checkered jacket-shirts.


Norma Kamali

We are in love with the shine, blue tint and laconic style of this bra. It is worth noting immediately that this is the top of a swimsuit, and therefore walk in such a long time will not work.

Before buying, as always, it is worth weighing the pros and cons – nevertheless, such a disco option is more suitable for a party and lazy relaxation in a sun lounger than for daily wear or sports.



Topshop has always been famous for its ability to adapt trends from the catwalks – after all, this is precisely where the company made its name. Similar bralettes are now shown at fashion weeks.

There is nothing superfluous in it: the sharp-fashioned form of the corset, universal black color and a bit of drama.

We would advise combining it, as Topshop himself suggests, with cargo trousers – you can add any sneakers, army-style boots or sandals to this set.



The Everlane casual wear brand has laconic bra in pleasing pastel colors. Just for those who prefer minimalism always and in everything.

If you are attracted to monochrome outfits, play this one: put on sweatshirts, a hoodie or a cardigan in beige shades.

There will definitely not be busting (for example, you can look at the numerous outfits of Kim Kardashian in the same spirit).


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