7 gifts for February 14

Valentine’s Day is supposed to include hearts, gifts and wild sex in a mountain of artificial rose petals.

If this year the holiday does not concern you – you can always make love to yourself (and who said that it is worse).

And for everyone else we advise to give the partner (and yourself) not one-time oral sex in whipped cream, but useful and pleasant things that you can use at least every day.

Click and grow

An excellent replacement for the traditional bouquet, which will appeal even to ardent opponents of gardening and flowers.

Click and Grow works on the principle “Just add water” – just pour water into a nice white box once, and then it will do everything itself, day and night watching the plants.

Balsamins will grow even if before that even plastic cacti perished from your care.

Jewellery from Gemondo

The more beautiful the jewelry, then them the better.
And these jewelry from Gemondo are stunning.

Malin + Goetz Body Lotion

Long winters and unbearably low temperatures eat any body cream at the speed of light – so this is a great and practical gift that speaks more about care and warmth than hints at dry skin.

Body cream can be almost any, but Malin + Goetz is fashionable and quite beautiful, plus it can be bought almost everywhere.

Electric Wine Opener

Girls do not like to admit this, but most of them really do not know how to normally open bottles of wine (the author of the article, for example, somehow happened to pour red wine over the ceiling and walls during one of the awkward attempts).

Therefore, an electric corkscrew that will open any bottle in 8 seconds, and on one charge – 40 bottles, the truth will be a surprisingly useful gift.

Fondue Set

Since almost all the girls will receive chocolates on Valentine’s Day, try to take a step forward and give something where you can melt this chocolate.

The Cuisinart fondue set contains everything you need, it looks nice and, apparently, works great – so give it to someone along with Jamie Oliver’s book and tulips.

Box set of the Friends series

The best way to pass the time before spring is to get carried away watching some fun, touching and long-loved series.

That is, of course, “Friends”.

It’s better to give 10 seasons at once – firstly, such a fundamental gesture inspires respect, secondly, they will last for a long time, and, finally, 10 is just a round number pleasant to the eye.

Colouring book with Ryan Gosling

If there is one important thing that everyone should know about girls, then this is Ryan Gosling.

Everyone really likes him – even those who pretend not to.

If you add a little creativity to Ryan Gosling, you get the perfect gift for everyone – a coloring book where you can modify Gosling as you like and even draw yourself next to it.

6 thoughts on “7 gifts for February 14

    1. In fact, I completely agree) This is a good gift for those who love plants, but who do not have enough time for them.
      However, I just love to mess around with the ground and plant everything with my own hands)

        1. Yeeess! And also I think that while caring for the plants you can relax perfectly, even get extra energy and understand yourself.
          So, this is such plant magic.
          Anyway, thanks for making my day better)

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