5 brands of green cleaning products

Few things can be more boring than choosing cleaning products for the home: chemistry is chemistry.

But powders, polishes and all kinds of sprays can also look nice, perfectly clean and not harm the environment – these are exactly the ones we chose.

Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Days

For Mrs. Meyer’s – not surprisingly – is also a family story: the creators of the brand took the experience from Thelma Meyer, the mother of nine children and an exemplary housewife: one of Thelma’s daughters made the perfect cleaning products herself.

They fight dirt no worse than usual and smell better than mother’s garden: dishwashing detergents, baths and windows, conditioner and washing gel, universal cleaner – all with the smells of basil, verbena, geranium, lavender, rosemary, honeysuckle and ten more herbs and flowers.

Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation produces products that are safe for people, animals and everything that surrounds them.

The American brand has perhaps the most comprehensive list of them; there are only seven items for the kitchen.

There is also a separate children’s series (from washing gels to shampoos), all conceivable bath and washing products: fabric softeners, stain removers, plant-based disinfectant sprays, powders and everything else that can be useful to the housewife.

J.R. Watkins

The oldest company that grew out of a small business breeder Watkins.

A brand of wide specialization, it produces products for the body, edible products (spices, cocoa, butter) and – the founder’s pharmacist past is affected by painkillers, cough syrups and dietary supplements.

This is in addition to all cleaning products: everything to wash, to clean up the kitchen, bathroom and windows, from J.R. Watkins is there too.


Two former neighbors Adam and Eric presented themselves as superheroes: faced with toxic substances (in this case, with ordinary cleaning products), instead of unusual abilities, the guys found the idea to make effective cleaning products that do not need to be hidden under the sink.

No sooner said than done: pieces for cleaning the house and everything that can only be in it. Method are never tested on animals and packaged in recycled plastic.


Cofounder Max Kater tells how the years of experience as a fashion editor came in handy: aesthetic preferences were the first that suffered a lot when cleaning the house (plastic brushes and yellow bottles of “chemistry” are really unattractive).

Then the youngest son of Kaiters showed allergies, asthma and eczema, and patience burst: Max and Peter decided to make cleaners safe for children, animals and the environment, which would not be embarrassing to put in a prominent place.

So there were almost pharmacy bottles of Murchison-Hume: polishes, gels, spritzer and even hand cream – everything is beautiful, it works and smells like fruit.

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5 thoughts on “5 brands of green cleaning products

  1. First of all thanks for the follow 🙏🏾 Really appreciate!

    And this is actually something I was looking for. Fortunately my health is not as bad but I do have allergic asthma and finding cleaning products that don’t trigger it is really rare – or I’m looking at the wrong places. I’m also really picky when it comes to smell. This is something I got from my mom but I will open up bottles (if I can) in supermarkets and smell the product. If I don’t like it, I’m not buying it. I’ll give your recommendations a go!

  2. There are plenty of home-made cleaning products that work just others… Vinegar is commonly used in cleaning and the smell of it can be neutralized with essential oils that not only provide a lovely smell but discourage insects from establishing a colony

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