11 New Year things to inspire yourself and others

There is very little left until the end of December — if in 2019 you were going to play sports, start saving money and learn a new language, you can already indulge in self-flagellation and put off all these bold plans for 2020.

Before the New Year, many people feel anguish: this is due to high demands on themselves, and the pressure of society (on Instagram, everyone is already taking pictures of themselves at the Christmas tree, and you don’t even know where to celebrate), and the inevitable expenses, and the feeling of obligation, and uncertainty about the future.

Nevertheless, it is possible and even necessary to raise your festive spirit and enter the new year as a more pleasant person for yourself.

Here are a few quick and low-cost ways to feel better in the holiday madness.

Give someone something unnecessary

The best way to end the year symbolically is to arrange cleaning and get rid of everything that no longer brings joy. In the process, there are many things that you no longer need, and it is a pity to throw away.

Don’t throw it away: take your old clothes for recycling or donate them to charity, put off the smartest clothes until the next swap party or offer your friends right away.

The most amazing items that you consider junk, will have success at various sites. Collect the old batteries for recycling, take the read books to bookcrossing.

Done — the place has become empty, breathing has become easier, you acted as a conscious and environmentally responsible person. In the new year he will live easier with such a person.

Present a gift with meaning

Stop the cycle of soap, souvenir figurines and candles with vigorous fragrance and give something really cool, even if it’s small. Even for «secret Santa» at work, you can choose something nice and meaningful.

If you are not burdened with the need to give gifts to friends, think of strangers.

Is there no suitable charity gathering nearby?

Improvise: the saleswoman from the grocery, where you go every day, will certainly be very happy if you buy her a chocolate bar and congratulate her with holidays.

Have a bath in love

The best way to quickly cheer yourself up is to call your beloved grandmother, who is crazy about you, and talk to her for at least half an hour. A relative of any age or an old friend who loves you unconditionally and considers you the most wonderful fish in the world will do, no matter how you try to prove the opposite.

Now everyone is busy preparing for the holidays and burning at work, but there’s definitely enough time to talk on the phone. An alternative is to visit friends who have a friendly dog ​​and cuddle it properly.

If you are prone to self-flagellation and feel especially lousy before the holidays, ask your friends to write what qualities they like — if you don’t want to «ask for compliments, ” you can always say that this is a task from a psychotherapist, boss or boxing trainer.

Write to someone you haven’t contacted for a long time

You wonder how are doing with your school friend who moved to another city and seems to be married? If interested, write to her and ask how you are doing.

Think about which of the people you’ve liked that you haven’t talked with for a long time and contact someone. The addressee is flattering, it does not oblige you to anything, weak social ties are strengthened, you are magnificent.

Fix something your hands never reached

Few things bring such satisfaction as a finished job. It is unlikely that it will be possible to deal with the launched working projects until the New Year, but you will definitely have time to do something small with the housework: the result will be noticeable immediately, and you will feel fine.

Finally, change the light bulb in the toilet, wash the bath mat, buy new slippers, put on trousers or glue the baseboard that you cling to for months — cheers, your house has become more comfortable, and if not a mountain, then a small pebble has fallen off your shoulders.

If after one small business there is a mood to continue — do not stop, but try not to get too killed.

Make a list of your achievements

Even if someone else’s «results of the year» is enraging you on Facebook, it can be useful to summarize yourselves — it is not necessary to publish the result, do the results for yourself.

Try to make a list of twenty things that you have been successful this year — it can be «earned the first million», and «did not forget about Mom’s birthday.»

Twenty points gained easily? Add twenty more. An alternative for those who are sick of «excellence» is the classic practice of gratitude: remember all the pleasant moments for which you are grateful for the outgoing year, and make a list of one hundred points.

There are so many points for good reason: to fill everything, you have to remember both big events and small joys, like that unexpectedly delicious cake or October evening, when you walked and happily rustled with leaves.

Plan something cool for the holidays

After a hectic December and the New Year, it’s easy to be on the couch without plans for the coming week — in order not to run wild at home, set a day for a solo or collective appearance.

See what exhibitions will be open, arrange with friends to go to the rink, invite everyone to visit you in advance and make a menu, plan a short trip out of town or buy tickets to the theater.

Living in anticipation of some interesting event is always easier — the main thing is not to clog up the weekend with chores and leave yourself time to just lie down, this is also important.

Sign up to the doctor

Everyone has debts to their health: an analysis that you can’t pass for six months, a new mole that would be nice to show to a dermatologist, a long-pasted visit to a dentist or gynecologist.

Sign up with the right specialist right now — at least for January. At the same time, throw away the old recipes and audit the first-aid kit to be fully equipped for the holidays.

Sorry if you offended anyone

Why start a year with remorse when you can be courageous and apologize? No reason. If you suspect that a person is offended by you, but do not understand why, then ask.

«It seems to me that you have become cooler about me, maybe I did something wrong?» — you shouldn’t, of course, be manipulated by toxic friends, but sincerely asking yourself once is not at all scary.

If your conscience is absolutely clear, remember those who helped and delighted you this year — and thank them for their support.

Return small debts

No one has extra money at the end of the year, but you are most likely able to repay small debts to friends and colleagues — remember who you owe a couple of hundred for a taxi or coffee, and give it right away, not paying attention to the statute of limitations.

If a person has forgotten that you owe him something, it will be a pleasant surprise for him, and you can put yourself the mental five for honesty.

Remove all unnecessary from the phone and from the computer

Even if you don’t have the strength to clean the house, you can clean up the digital halls. Sort out unread messages and letters, delete unnecessary items from your contact list, take down applications that you haven’t used for a long time, and spend a pleasant evening sorting old photos.

At the same time, remember the good points, and also make a backup of everything important. At the end of December, mailings about discounts and sales begin to come to the mail with tripled strength — a great time to unsubscribe from spam and start the year with clean mail and a fresh head.

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