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Fundraising for Nathan, 10 months

Hello, dear benefactors! I am writing to you with a huge motherly prayer and a request for help to my youngest son Nathan. He is only a few months old, but all this time he, like a real hero, is fighting for his life – every day and every minute! Nathan was diagnosed with a […]

Witches Come Back to Town

The Witches House is dedicated to those who want to find themselves in the chaos of life. Our concept is wellness. We pay attention to all important areas of life, not limited only to physical or only psychological health. Our directions: Nutrition, herbal medicine and natural cosmetology for health and beauty of the body Psychology for […]

10 signs that you have increased anxiety

Worrying about financial problems, exam or moving to another country is natural. But if worries about and without grow like a snowball, turn into fears, begin to interfere with normal life and cannot be dealt with in any way, it seems that anxiety disorder is developing. According to WHO, 264 million people in the world […]

How to build up an airbag: Economic Tips

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected many different areas of our lives. Almost everything that happens is also financially affected: the economic crisis caused by the pandemic is called the worst since the Great Depression. In this situation, many people think about how to make their financial future more stable – for example, how to finally […]

Loss of smell and cytokine storm: What happens in the body with COVID-19

More and more is becoming known about the new SARS-COV-19 virus, and COVID-19 treatment recommendations are constantly being updated. Even doctors do not keep pace with the new data, and individual facts reach the layman, often in a modified form or without explanation. Is it true that coronavirus infection deprives a person of smell? Does […]

5 Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets

– 5 Desktop & Mobile Lightroom Presets– Presets make your photos vivid, memorable and atmospheric– Deep and rich colors– You can choose a filter for any shooting conditions Step-by-step instructions for installing a preset on your phone: 1. Download the Adobe Lightroom CC app to your phone2. Download the preset photo in DNG format3. Download […]

How to get benefit from grievances

What is resentment and how is it felt? Why is it something shameful in our society that is not customary to present and what is difficult to talk about? How to learn to be offended less and is it possible? Resentment is not a single sensation, but a complex of feelings. Usually it includes anger, […]

Coronavirus Dreams: Why at quarantine we have nightmares

Perhaps, during the next week of quarantine, you noticed that you see strange, interesting or incredibly colorful dreams – or just faced with insomnia and sleep disturbances. Both are signs of the stress that many people are currently experiencing at the same time. We tell you how sleep and dream disturbances are associated with the […]

Post-quarantine: Why it will not be easy to get out of isolation

This week, the number of people infected with COVID-19 exceeded two million – this figure back in February was impossible to imagine. More than a third of the world’s population today is under the influence of quarantine measures or in self-isolation. Of course, an event of this magnitude cannot but affect our psychological state: forced […]

Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness in 11 Questions

“Gay Redneck with a gun,” is what Joe Exotic, the protagonist of the documentary series, King of the Tigers: Murder, Mayhem, and Madness, calls himself. Netflix released the documentary on March 20, and there is no better time for this premiere: a total lockdown is a great opportunity to unravel the intricacies in the life […]

New loneliness: How coronavirus changes our relationships

Although a pandemic is not a reason to panic, our main task today is to make informed decisions and not to forget about precautionary measures. In many countries, every day more and more restrictions are introduced to slow the spread of infection and reduce the burden on health systems. Somewhere meetings in public places and […]

Balance and diversity: How to training and eat during quarantine

A topic that excites many people who are in quarantine or in self-isolation is how to maintain their physical shape, not lose activity completely to zero and eat in such a way as not to cause special harm to health. We have written instructions that will help you stay active and maintain a good mood. […]

5 brands of green cleaning products

Few things can be more boring than choosing cleaning products for the home: chemistry is chemistry. But powders, polishes and all kinds of sprays can also look nice, perfectly clean and not harm the environment – these are exactly the ones we chose. Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Days For Mrs. Meyer’s – not surprisingly – is […]

How not to turn work from home to hell

Working from home is now not the advantage of freelancers, but a necessary measure for many who used to go to the office every day. Social networks practice wit, and the media and numerous experts vyingly advise how to work from home and not break down – because of boredom, noisy relatives or the sound […]

Checklist: 6 signs that you do not live your life

The expression “Live not your own life” does not apply to professional psychology, but it is intuitive. Usually it means that a person does not follow his own desires and goals, but tries to fulfill a certain averaged life scenario “written” for him by other people. Most often we are talking about a parental family, […]

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